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First Date Ideas in Harbourfront During Social Distancing

Meeting new people and going on first dates during COVID can be quite challenging for some. Well… Look no further! We’ve curated a list of places to go to for your first date during social distancing. While patios are now the forefront of social gatherings, but we also encourage safer options to avoid larger crowds.

  1. Picnic at HTO Park

A picnic is one of the best ways to get to know your date during social distancing. Enjoy the perfect scenery of lakeshore with yellow umbrellas overlapping the golden sand. Remember to bring some cozy blankets, sandwiches, or some homemade lemonade!

2. Trip to Centre Island

Hop on the Ferry or the Water Taxi and enjoy some quiet time away from the city on Centre Island. You have options to bring a mini barbeque and make delicious burgers, have a picnic, go to the beaches and enjoy the awesome scenery the island has to offer!

3. Biking Along Queens Quay Trail

Partner up with your date and go on a bike ride along the Queens Quay trail. If you go further down west, it will take you directly to Humber Bay shores and there are many bike paths alongside parks. The city of Toronto is taking the extra step by implementing ActiveTO to respect physical distancing and promoting physical activities for people. During the weekends, one side of the road is closed down for people to exercise with their outdoor gear

4. Rent a Kayak or Canoe

Feeling adventurous? Take your date for a wild adventure by renting a canoe, a kayak, or a paddleboard for some outdoor adrenaline! For more info, check out for pricing and details.

5. Patios

Go to a patio in Harbourfront and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather with your special date. We recommend going to Boxcar Social, Joe Bird, The Goodman Pub and Kitchen!

There is a lot of cool date ideas to do in Harbourfront ranging from cycling, a picnic by the beach, or even paddle boating. If you and your date love the water as much as we do, you’ll find every moment to be worthwhile! Remember to wear a mask indoors or during exposure to a large crowd. Have fun and most importantly, stay safe and practice social distancing!

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