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A Look Into Toronto Waterfront’s New ‘Love Park’

Located at York St & Queen Quay, York Street park is slowly transitioning into the so-called “Love Park” and becoming the heart of Toronto Waterfront/Harbourfront. This two-acre park will feature a massive heart-shaped pond nestled in an urban green oasis surrounded by trees, nature, and a resilient community.

Claude Cormier + Associés’  Love Park rendering.

Construction begins in early 2021 and is set to be complete in 2022 with a budget of 10 million. Claude Cormier + Associés was 1 out of 40 international designers and architects selected to take on this exciting project. More of their Waterfront projects include Sugar Beach, HTO Park, Daniels Waterfront, and much more!

‘Love Park’ symbolizes a universal meaning for love with the goal of bringing the community closer together. In the daytime, the pond will have a serene and ambient look with a gorgeous view from nearby buildings. In the nighttime, the pond will gently reflect the glowing pink light coming from the heart-shaped perimeter.

Claude Cormier + Associés’  Love Park rendering.
Claude Cormier + Associés’  Love Park rendering.

People can gather around the park and the perimeter can act as a seating area. The edge will feature a glass-tile mosaic in varying shades of red. Perfect for walking your dogs, lunch breaks, dates, social-distanced gatherings, business meetings, and so forth.

Claude Cormier + Associés’  Love Park rendering.

For all the dog owners out there, Love Park will incorporate a dog off-leash area on the northeast edge of the park. The ground material will include a K9 Turf that resists the accumulation of odors and bacteria. A water fountain will be nearby to hydrate for both humans and dogs!

We are thrilled to see the results of this new exciting project connecting nature, community, and people closer together.

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