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Farm Boy is Opening A New Grocery Store In Harbourfront

Toronto Harbourfront welcomes Farm Boy’s newest grocery chain opening next week May 6th, 2021 at 207 Queens Quay West (Queens Quay Terminal). Known for its fresh local produce across Ontario, Farm Boy features healthy, tasty, and fresh whole foods farmed for locals.

This 19,317 sq. ft. grocery store generated 135 new jobs for the community.

With over 37 stores opened across Ontario, Farm Boy is set to open 6 more stores including the Harbourfront area and promises to deliver an abundance of fresh locally sourced groceries to Harbourfront residences.

Like every Farm Boy fresh market alike, the store in Harbourfront features high-quality grab-and-go options such as artisan pizza, salads, sushi, and other hot foods for a quick snack or meal. Wi-Fi also comes with the package.

Farm Boy is opening soon and it’s exciting! Come and indulge in some tasty treats and hot foods from in-store produce cooked to your perfection.

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