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How To Stay Healthy & Fit During Covid-19 Lockdown in Toronto Harbourfront

We know lockdowns can be dreadful, unmotivating, and hard to get through. With the vast spread of the Omicron virus, social gatherings are limited, and outdoor dining and entertainment are temporarily closed. It’s no doubt that these circumstances are mentally and emotionally affecting us. Keep yourself distracted, and know that this too shall pass.

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy during Toronto’s lockdown.

  1. Virtual work out classes
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Since in-person classes and gyms aren’t available to locals, PureLife Fitness is offering virtual workout classes for members. You can also browse YouTube and you’ll find an abundance of workout videos. We recommend Pamela Reif, Body Project, Fraser Wilson, and MadFit! All you need is a mat, some weights (optional) to get your heart rate up! Invite your friends to do a virtual workout as a fun activity.

2. Meal prep at home

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Meal prep is essential if you want to stick to a consistent diet and control what you eat. Consuming all parts of the food groups will make you feel more energized and motivated throughout the day. Make healthy decisions by substituting a brownie with an apple or white rice with brown rice instead. Processed foods will give you an instant sugar high, but will make you hungrier throughout the day and you’re technically running on empty calories. Making healthy food decisions will keep you more concentrated and focused throughout the day.

3. Set up FaceTime or Zoom meetings with family and friends at least once a week

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Plan weekly video chats or phone calls with friends and family which are great for your mental health. We’re all social beings and planning virtual coffee chats will remind you that we’re all going through the same and you’re not alone in this.

4. Stay focused on a new hobby at home

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Find a new hobby at home whether it be making videos, creating a mood board or redesigning your room. Use this time to reflect on what needs to be done outside of your normal schedule.

5. Go for a light jog by the lake

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Going for a jog or walking by the lake will remind you of the beautiful nature and scenery Toronto Waterfront has to offer! Remember to layer up and dress warmly.

Lockdown is expected to be over by the end of January, but hopefully, everything will resume back to normal as soon as possible. If you haven’t already gotten vaccinated, please check out our blog on where to get your booster shot in Harbourfront to keep our community safe. In the meantime, keep your head up and remember that this will all be over soon. If you have any questions or are here for support, please send us a message!

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