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Toronto Waterfront Will Soon Be Home To A Playground Oasis

Waterfront Toronto shared its rolling five-year strategic plan leading to a spectacular playground transformation. Residents and locals can expect to see large playground equipment such as massive black bears, moose, and evergreen trees bringing the Waterfront to life. The revitalization connects us to the wonder of nature and a magnetic landscape for work, play, and daily life. According to Toronto Waterfront, this kind of leading-edge attraction is the first in Canada and a handful in the world.

The playground will add 62 acres equivalent to 25 hectares of parks and green space to the Waterfront alongside the new Don River Valley and floodplains. This park will join Port Lands as one of the most attractive recreation spaces open to locals and visitors. This is truly a wonderland oasis.

Existing projects include Harbourfront’s Love Park, Queens Quay Revitalization, Quayside and Parliament Slip, The Port Lands, Villiers Island, and Marine Habitat Improvements will fully transform Toronto Waterfront & Harbourfront in the next coming years!

Stay tuned.

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