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Where To Walk Your Dog in Toronto Harbourfront & Waterfront – Top Parks

For all furry pet owners, we all know that walking your dog is an essential everyday activity. Tired of walking your dog at the same location every day? Look no further, we created a list of all dog-friendly parks in Toronto Waterfront. Your furry friend will thank you for the new scents and scenery!

HTO Park

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

HTO Park is commonly known as one of Harboufront’s main attraction point. Gorgeous lake views with a long sandy beach, grassy hills and stationary yellow umbrellas with Muskoka chairs. This is a perfect spot to walk your dog, take nice strolls along the lake or even go for a breezy morning run. Did you know that HTO Park is named from the chemical element of water – H20 and the abbreviation of Toronto – TO making it HTO? Cool!

Address: 339 Queens Quay W

Sugar Beach

Photo Courtesy of Lonely Planet

Enjoy the beauty at this whimsical urban beach at the water’s edge in near proximity to Redpath Sugar Refinery Museum. Whether it be walking your dog, reading on these Muskoka chairs, or playing in the sand, you’re going to be wowed by these serene lake views. Down east, there’s a small lakeshore trail you can also bring your furry friend to.

Address: 11 Dockside Dr.

Stadium Road Park

Photo Courtesy of View The Vibe

Feeling a bit adventurous? Stop by Stadium Road Park and take a nice stroll with your furry friend along the west end of the Waterfront. This park is not as busy as the rest as it’s located further west. Bring your running shoes and check out its outdoor fitness equipment while showing off stunning lake views.

Address: 10 Stadium Rd.

Toronto Music Garden

Photo Courtesy of BlogTO

Gorgeous greenery leading up to a view of the CN Tower. The park design is inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello. During summer, it’s a perfect location to have picnics with friends. Take your dog out and meet some new furry friends, and also they’ll love the grassy floor, new scents, and lake views!

Address: 479 Queens Quay W

Little Norway Park

Photo courtesy of Stenoodie

Offering an enormous green space for outdoor activities including a ball diamond and a children’s playground. Perfect for picnics, and activities such as spike ball, frisbees and meeting new people.

Address: 659 Queens Quay W

Harbour Square Park

Photo Courtesy of The Cultural Landscape Foundation

A great spot to sit and walk your dog during sunrise or sunset and a great spot to read and soak up the sun! Located beside the water’s edge, you can also get some worthwhile photos with your pet.

Address: 25 Queens Quay

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