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How to Prepare and Take Care of Your Condo for Winter Season

We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend! Winter is just around the corner and we want to make sure your condo is prepared for colder days. Here are some quick pointers to get your condo all cozied up.

Switch your bedding

Changing your bedding from thin sheets to thicker cotton or flannel will help with sleep. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re staying warm during sleep and naps as the temperature drops. It also gives you the opportunity for a bedroom makeover or changing up to a different bedding colour.

Turn on heating

Check your heating system and make sure it’s working properly before the cold hits. Give it a test and turn on your heat to ensure functionality, and if problems arise, then speak with your property manager or landlord as soon as possible.

Bring out the candles, tea, and cozy blankets

Condos during winter would not be the same without Christmas scented candles, hot tea, and cozy blankets. Not only will these be essential during cold weather, but it also serves decorative purposes for your condo’s overall aesthetic. We recommend checking out Homesense, Winners, and Bath & Body Works for these items.

Check your windows

Don’t forget to check your windows to make sure there are no holes or cracks so cold air won’t seep in. We know it’s usually uncommon, but it’s always ideal to keep an eye out just in case.

Protect your balcony furniture from snowy weather

If you have furniture on your balcony such as lawn chairs, barbeque grills, and other non-waterproof furniture, make sure to store them indoors or purchase waterproof equipment and lay on top of your furniture. Preparing ahead of time will save you money down the line.

Buy indoor plants

It’s uplifting to see the foliage of plants to remind you of warmer days when all you can see are snow, barren sticks and branches. If you miss seeing the beauty of summer, maybe it’s time to invest in a plant. Believe us, it will really lighten up a room.

Do you have any questions in regards to how to properly prepare for your condo during cold winter days? If so, shoot us a message or question down below!

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